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from 🌱 Seedling 🌻 Attempt 🌱

So I've been toying with the idea of creating a space for essays and meditations that doesn't quite fit either a video format or threaded micro-blogging, so my solution become to start this instance.

This is a WriteFreely server, federated across the Fediverse, and open for anyone interested in Solarpunk aesthetics, politics, praxis and philosophy. My personal impetus for writing in a blogging form is to make it easier to compile thoughts and concepts that I'm working on and make them spreadable in a cleaner and more reader-friendly way than a lingo-packed video usually ends up being.

I hope that for any potential reader or writer out there we can work together to make all of us active in the space feel welcome and encouraged to not only take action towards the future we want to see, but also think consciously and carefully about why and in which manner we want to see that world bloom.